A change in direction…

After 30 years in the industry, and 23+ years running Advanced Datacomm Solutions Inc., it has become apparent to me that it’s (past) time for a personal and business “change in direction”.  About a month ago, I made the decision to stop soliciting any new business from my few remaining customers, and to refer the remaining ones to a very capable former competitor in CO, who I know will take good care of them, and to pursue full-time the venture I’ve been actively involved with since the fall of 2013: Digital Publishing.

I have had the very good fortune to be involved with a 5+ year-old start-up called “Of Eleven Media, LLC”, both as a Group Publishing Partner (CRUSHING IT Magazine, and VIRTUAL COMPANY Magazine), and also as an Angel Investor (since 2014).  “We” are very close to reaching a “tipping point” in the industry and I need to focus my energies where I’ll not only get to positively impact my investment, but to also help us to get there faster.  I have “burned the ships”, have NO “Plan B”, and I’d be lying to you if I wasn’t honest about me being a wee bit “scared” by this.  But the decision has been made, and there’s no turning back now, not that I have any desire to do so.

I am excited about this new venture and will continue to share updates with you all here, and also on social media, where I’m certainly more active.  THANK YOU all for your past and continued support, there’s no better feeling than in knowing that I was able to maintain many long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with my friends & clients, some approaching 30 years in length.

Michael E. Schmidlen

Advanced Datacomm Solutions, Inc.