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Michael and Advanced DataComm have been Oppenheimer Funds' primary cabling infrastructure provider for many years now. Michael is very knowledgeable about his products and can be depended on to deliver the right solution. We have called on him many times to deliver products at the last minute and he always comes through!

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We are pleased to announce our newest venture in the digital publishing realm, and are proud to be partnered with Of Eleven Media, LLC, and their state-of-the-art, industry leading MagTitan Digital Publishing & Digital Ad SaaS Platform (MagTitan – Digital Publishing Beyond Words).

 Here’s a brief overview of our technology:

Our Software was originally designed for digital magazines ONLY, but with our recent release of V2.0, it is now also well positioned to be used for:

Interactive Trade journals,

Interactive Product Catalogs with integrated e-commerce capabilities,

Interactive White Papers,

Both internal and External Enterprise Digital Communications for companies of ALL sizes, from SMB’s to large corporate entities!,

Interactive E-letters,

Interactive Text Books,

Interactive E-books,

Interactive Training Workbooks,

and fully-interactive Digital Versions of Newspaper/Newsletters to name just a small sampling of the potential applications.

Here’s an example that provides a side by side comparison of our technology, with that of our competitors:

USA Today example: USA Today: Before and After Demo

Some of the key features of Mag Titan™, our Digital Publishing and Reader Software are as follows:

  • Each page output is displayed in 318 versions, for device appropriate viewing
  • Compatible w/all existing digital devices
  • Preserves beautiful, full-page design for editorial and advertising
  • Interactivity
  • Animations
  • Video (Live, on-demand & as background)
  • Browser-based solution, not locked behind proprietary apps or memory hogging downloads
  • Embeddable on any 3rd party website
  • “Web Window” tech that displays websites within the magazine
  • *NEW* Ability to download magazines (without using hard drive storage!) for offline viewing (except videos) on mobile devices!

Some of the key features of Ad Einstein™, our digital ad software are as follows:

  • Ads morph in size to be easily read on every digital device
  • Pay-Per-Performance advertising model, advertisers only pay when ads are verified as viewed
  • Each advertiser gets an infinite number of interactive full-pages to tell their story
  • Advertisers name own budget. When funds used, Ad Einstein replaces the ad
  • Ad Builder creates professional ads with drag-and-drop ease
  • Video (Live, on-demand & as background)
  • Advertising Animations
  • Credit card purchases can be consummated within ads
  • “Web Window” can bring advertisers website into their ad for lead generation & secure sales consummation.